The 100 (Youth Group)

Who is the The 100 Designed for?

The 100 or youth group is for our middle school through high school age students. A crucial time where children are deciding what they want to do career wise and with their lives. But also when children are hopefully developing good habits when it comes to their relationship with Christ. Being in a group of students in the same situation is truly critical to a developing relationship with Christ. 


How does the The 100 help develop good Christ like habits? 

By continuing the relationship building that starts as toddler. Our Youth Group continues to grow relationships with Christ by time in prayer, serving others, Bible Study, and discipleship. 


What kind of activities does the "100" offer?

  • Creation Festival
  • Our own Music Festival "Rock The Field" 
  • Monthly "The Harbor" Worship Nights, Contemporary Music and Prayer 

Where does the "100" meet?

Each week for both Sunday School and Sunday night youth group the The "100" meet in the youth room. Which is located on the third floor. When you enter the church from the main entrance (where the carport is) you will see a stair case on the right. Head up those stairs and both the second and third doors will be the youth room. As always if you have any questions feel free to ask one of our greeters who are stationed at the main entrance foyer. They would love to point you in the right direction. 


When does The "100" meet?

The 100 meet for Sunday School every week at 9:00 am. Plus special events throughout the year!